Hello Gardeners

Well Winter has come upon us again, the Raised Bed Garden has been put to rest for the winter, I still have carrots growing they should last through December.  Even in December it is a pleasure to go to the garden and get fresh vegetables even if all I have are carrots. I did save […]

Hello Raised Bed Gardners

So I did, I kept it small and grew what we liked.  I grew some of the most beautiful eggplant that I have ever grown, my tomatoes were large and sweet, my favorite tomato was the Heirloom Cherokee Purple,  of course I had cherry tomatoes as well have to have those in salads.  My zucchini […]

Hello Again Raised Bed Gardner’s

Hello again Raised Bed Gardener’s, I hope everyone had a good and fruitful week, I know I did.  I guess its time to get on with the story, my garden adventures in Alabama.  Where to place my raised beds and planters in order to get the best sun and of course shade. I also, had […]

Hello Raised Bed Gardners

Hello fellow raised bed gardeners, my name is Lennie and this is my second year gardening in raised beds. Before having actual raised beds for gardening I lived in a 42′ fifth wheel in Alabama for nine years, before that I lived on the Westside of Washington State during which time I always had a […]