Hello Gardeners

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Well Winter has come upon us again, the Raised Bed Garden has been put to rest for the winter, I still have carrots growing they should last through December.  Even in December it is a pleasure to go to the garden and get fresh vegetables even if all I have are carrots. I did save an artichoke over I am hoping that it survives the winter so that the plant will produce larger artichokes than the first year I have never done this before so this is an experiment for me.

Sense the colder weather has hit my Herbs aren’t doing as good, Basil does not like Cold weather at all, so I dug out  my 6 pod Hydroponic Garden for the Herbs that I use in my every day cooking.  You just can not beat cooking with fresh Herbs and just the pure enjoyment watching the seeds sprouting from their pods to a full mature plant ready for harvest.  I am wishing all a Very Happy Thanks Giving may your table be full with family, friends and laughter.