Hello Raised Bed Gardners

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So I did, I kept it small and grew what we liked.  I grew some of the most beautiful eggplant that I have ever grown, my tomatoes were large and sweet, my favorite tomato was the Heirloom Cherokee Purple,  of course I had cherry tomatoes as well have to have those in salads.  My zucchini was grown in a very large pot, it would get huge with just one seed, they like lots of water and believe me they got it especially when it rains, it just doesn’t rain it pours.  I had good luck with jalapenos they really liked the heat and rain. I was able to grow enough each year to pickle some that I would later use in my salsa.  My herb garden was the best that I have ever grown, I grew the herbs in the standing or elevated raised bed or box. Of course I grew the standard herbs, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme along with chives and marjoram.  What a joy to go and collect what I needed from my small but very productive herb garden and what vegetables I could grow, it was my happy place being so far from home.  Now I am back in the Pacific Northwest but in a very different climate.