Hello Again Raised Bed Gardner’s

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Hello again Raised Bed Gardener’s, I hope everyone had a good and fruitful week, I know I did.  I guess its time to get on with the story, my garden adventures in Alabama.  Where to place my raised beds and planters in order to get the best sun and of course shade. I also, had to deal with lots of rain, it would rain just about every day during the summer.  After a good rain the sun would come out blazing, which causes humidity after a good old rain storm.  I couldn’t put the pots or raised beds near the down spouts off the fifth wheel, my plants would have been drowned.  So I had to create a space around the down spouts so my plants wouldn’t get to much water and then there were the awnings, I could give them a slight angle to keep the water run off from over watering my plants.  Also, what plants will do best in heat and humidity and keep it small because I only had so much room, I couldn’t put plants on one side of our fifth wheel that was the neighbors yard, so keep it small, grow what you like that was my mantra.