2 Pack 10 Gallon Potato Grow Bags with Flap, 3-Piece Floral Garden Tools



Garden Tools ideal for planting fruits, vegetables, and flowers or digging up weeds every set includes pruning shears, cultivator, and trowel to help you cultivate your garden, planter pots, or landscape areas.
Each of our cultivators and trowel garden tools are made with premium-grade steel tips to provide more strength and resilience when digging hard or tilling up soil. Important for long-lasting outdoor use.
We’ve included two premium 10-gallon grow bags in every bundle that also let you grow rooted vegetables while giving you access to them from the window on the side, so you can maximize plant yield and overall plant health.
These versatile garden grow bags let you create a healthier outdoor garden or indoor greenhouse with thick, breathable fabric that improves natural drainage and reduces soil saturation for healthier root systems.
Our gardening tools and potato grow bags make a fantastic combination for people who love getting outside and planting beautiful plants summer, spring, and fall. Get one for yourself or someone special!