Blumfeldt High Grow Straight Raised Bed, Garden Bed, Flowers, Herbs and Vegetables, Expandable, 250 Gallons, Steel, Weather-Resistant, Galvanized, Beige



GROW: Tasty, fresh and local: with this raised garden bed you can grow a variety of fruits and vegetables.
WEATHERPROOF: Sturdy frame construction lets this garden weather any storm. The bed is made of steel corrugated iron and is protected against weather with a special 120 g / m² zinc-aluminium Weather-Shield-Coating.
FUNCTIONAL: The working height of 23.6 inches is also an obstacle to vermin such as snails. With its volume of 970 litres, numerous humus layers can created in the Blumfeldt raised garden bed allowing it to also be used directly as a composter.
EASY: The installation of the Blumfeldt raised bed is straightforward and fast.