Butterfly Stakes - 24 Garden Decor Butterfly Decorations



PVC Plastic waterproof decorative butterflies are attached to their metal posts by spring (better than sticking), so their wings sway in the breeze like real butterflies, colorful and beautiful garden decor stakes

Suitable decors for home, fairy gardens, yard, backyard, potted flowers, nursery pots planters, lawn, Patio, house, statue, beds, floral decorating, girls bedroom, living room, bathroom, art decal, crafts supplies, etc. Great 3d decoration in various occasions, such as wedding birthday butterfly party, Christmas tree decoration, Easter garden accessories, etc.

Easy to conceal the thin metal stake, creating the illusion of living butterflies. The wings of these garden butterflies can be pushed open or shut for varied displays. Each Approx. 8″ x 5″ Overall