Freestanding 4 Tier 4Ft Vertical Garden Planter Boxes



With a total of 4 tier boxes Garden bed saves a lot of space to fit your terrace, balcony, deck, apartment, balcony, or any outside area. Also, it is perfect for all kinds of flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruits, and succulents .
The vertical garden bed adopts the stepped drainage system design, multiple drainage holes and container boxes are combined into an independent drainage system. The planter boxes are durable, soil volume per bin is 2L.
The vertical design avoids continuous bending, this vertical garden bed is suitable for those who cannot enjoy gardening due to hip or back problems.
With easy-to-follow instructions, your garden planter build will be quick and easy. In addition, iron pipes can also be connected in a very simple way. Get your lovely garden bed now.
With a stable triangular structure, the garden bed can ensure great stability for the total weight of plants, water and soil. In addition, with non- slip foot pads can prevent the flower bed from slipping.