Hydroponic Indoor Herb Garden Kit Growing System



  • Experience the magic of soil-less growing with the Greenjoy indoor garden kit which is a fully automatic and intelligent planter. No need to give different care to each plant by yourself. This hydroponics system knows what each plants needs for nutrition, light and moisture.
  • Raise up to an astounding 15 plants all at once, so you have more space to grow everything you need! Outfitted with high-performance full-spectrum LED lights, your plants will always get as much energy as they need.
  • The lighting sensors know when to turn off and on, going through a 14hr on-10hr off cycle. One-button operation makes it deadly simple to add water and nutrients according to the prompts of the indicator light.
  • This smart garden has an air circulation system to mimic a natural breeze to help plants pollinate and aerate appropriately. A water pump built into the bottom of the tank help the roots breathe as well as take in nutrients faster and more evenly to shorten the growth cycle.
  • Nutrient solution A&B, tweezers, measuring cup, seeding tray, planting sponge and more. Cultivate your favorite fruits and vegetables, educate your kids on the growth of plants and add a touch of green to any room.