Hydroponic Mega Garden Flow System 22" x 22" x 10" size Container Black



  • Get the convenience of an Ebb & Flow System in a 22″ x 22″ x10″ size garden
  • Includes fired-clay and pebble grow media; 7-1/2-gallon reservoir, water level indicator
  • Includes fifteen 5-inch, plastic grow pots can be filled with soil, or included fired-clay pebble grow media
  • Submersible pump and timer for automatic flood and drain irrigation
  • Also features seed starter cubes, nutrients and a pH test kit

Ebb &?flow (flood & drain) systems work by pumping nutrient solution up from a reservoir to a controlled water level tray. All plants are watered uniformly on a timed cycle. Whether you’re a new urban farmer or an old-school green thumb, raising your own plants is easier, faster, and more fun than ever with this hydroponic gardening system. Hydrofarm Megagarden Hydroponic Gardening System features a 4-square-foot garden space that produces 5 times the yields of a standard garden its size. That’s right. This 10-inch-tall garden system grows lettuce, herbs, vegetables, orchids and more, indoors or out–5 times faster than the standard garden–and does it without using soil. The Megagarden works great indoors, or outside in hobby greenhouses when illuminated with a Hydrofarm Sunburst Series grow light (not included), or any grow light.  The system works by pumping nutrient solution up from a reservoir to a water tray where water levels are precisely controlled. Plants are watered uniformly on a timed cycle for optimal moisture control and healthier roots. The soilless Megagarden’s removable grow tray measures 23 inches by 23 inches square and holds fifteen 5-inch, plastic grow pots filled with, not soil, but either the included fired-clay or pebble grow media. The system comes complete a 7-1/2-gallon reservoir, submersible pump, timer (capable of up to 12 flood settings per day), rock-wool starter cubes, 16 ounces of Hydrofarm All-Purpose Nutrient, a pH test kit, and complete instructions.