Hydroponics Growing System Indoor Herb Garden Growing Kit 8 Pods SEEDS NOT INCLUDED



  • This hydroponic garden kit with 3 different growth modes and a fully interactive touch screen control panel, that will allow you customize different growing setting base on your needs easily. Standard mode: led light automatically lit for 14 hrs; Appreciation mode: led light will have light intensity automatically reduce and become 12h-on-and-12h-off circle; Growing mode: led light will increase the light intensity automatically and become 16h-on-and-8h-off circle.
  • The hydroponics growing system is design for soil-free planting, growing plants in water, avoid any soil contamination, no heavy metal contamination, no pesticide residue, no antibiotics, non-GMO and non-nitrite. Hydroponic grow system comes with eco-friendly Tank and planting seed pods ,the indoor garden allow you to enjoy healthy and fresh herbs, vegetables.
  • This hydroponic growing system is Up to 8 plants can be grown indoor garden at a time, Allow you to grow whatever you want in any season at any place, You can plan fresh herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers and more with this soil free indoor gardening system, which can grow plants 5 times faster than growing in soil. Enjoy this garden system kit to plant fresh vegetable all year around, even in the cold weather.
  • This hydroponic garden kit made of natural bamboo frame, non toxic and eco-friendly, ensure more durable and more healthy compare to other plant grow light that designed with MDF Board Frame. Bamboo frame comes with simple and natural outlook. Grow gardening system is extremely easy to use and maintain! Just drop the plant cartridges right into the container, refill the water reservoir, plug the device in. Enjoy this Hydroponic garden system.
  • The indoor garden kit are designed with high effective customized spectrum 30W LED Lighting System is tuned to the specific spectrum for plant growing, providing the necessary spectrum of lights to support indoor gardening plants that maximizes photosynthesis, resulting in rapid natural growth, and abundant harvests. Save up to 80% energy saving, less heat output and low consumption.