Outdoor Above Ground Vinyl Garden Box with Grow Grid



Raised garden bed is made of durable PVC vinyl material, which is able to withstand outdoor elements, featuring UV protection, fire resistance, and low-temperature pre-treatment. Compared with wooden or steel raised bed, it will not rust, rot or mold. Eco-friendly material doesn’t contaminate soil, fostering the organic growth of plants.  Raised PVC Vinyl Bed is built with an open base to prevent water build-up and rotting, while allowing roots easily access to the nutrients, promoting proper water drainage, and maintaining a healthier root system. Included GROW GRID allows you to plant different plants separately, such as Vegetables, Flowers, Organic Herbs, and so on.
Raised planter makes it easy to start your DIY gardening in your backyard or patio by free combinations. Each 4’x4′ Garden Bed includes specially designed posts and walls that can be used together with multiple units in any direction, which allows you to create any shape/design to fit your unique yard and gardening ideas!
Raised garden box requires no tools to assemble and takes only minutes to put together. Maintenance is non-existent as a simple spray with a garden hose will clean raised garden bed from dirt, so as to spend less time with installation, more time doing what you love — Gardening!
Raised garden box not only offers a healthy environment for growing vegetables, flowers, herbs, succulents, and so on, but also can be used as a whelping box to deliver a puppy, bunny, or kitten litters.