Outdoor Patio Galvanized Steel Raised Garden Bed Kit-Metal Rectangle Garden Planter Box for Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs,Succulents



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🌼Multifunctional Patio Garden beds:Provide enough breathing place and growth space for your vegetables,herbs,flowers and plants.
🌼Eco-friendly Material:The galvanized metal surface is treated with an anti-rust coating,which do not contaminate soil and prevent the plants from touching the metal.
🌼Open Bottom:The open-bottom design can better drain the excess water from the roots of the plant without rotting,and can also keep the roots away from the weeds for more nutrients.
🌼Easy to Assemble:It is easy to assemble with the hardware assembly manual.Connect the 4 corners with the bracket,nut and screw together in a few minutes to complete the assembly.
🌼Weather Resistant:This flower bed can be used in all seasons.You can enjoy fresh organic vegetables or beautiful flowers at your garden.