Reinforced Metal Galvanized Steel Raised Garden Boxes



Get a more productive and convenient garden with this 6ft length x 3ft width x 1ft height Ohuhu Galvanized Raised Garden Bed, which holds up to 18 cubic feet of soil, enough for all of your vegetables, herbs, flowers, and any other plants you choose!
Tough, weather resistant metal planter box from Ohuhu. The thick, galvanized metal is finished with a rust resistant coating for years of performance. Add the corner protection design and there’s no doubt this planter will last through anything
Thanks to the open bottom design, your crops will never get waterlogged or root rot. Plus, their roots won’t be unnecessarily constrained, allowing for maximum growth potential
Keeping your plants and family safe is our top priority, and we keep that commitment by constructing our products with eco-friendly coatings, which do not leach into soil and prevent the plants from touching the metal
Never installed a garden bed before? Don’t sweat it, because the process couldn’t be easier. We even include installation gloves to protect your hands, along with spare screws so you won’t have any headaches with setup