SCD Probiotics C100 Compost Starter 1 Gallon



CHEMICAL-FREE COMPOST STARTER: Turn your food waste into a planet-saving powerhouse. All Seasons Bokashi is like kombucha for your garden: its all-natural and fermented blend of SCD Probiotics Technology, wheat and rice bran, and minerals help kickstart healthy organic matter breakdown, absorb liquids and odors, and add a healthy boost to would-be food waste—right in your kitchen compost bin.
Bokashi breaks down organic waste and matter in our compost bins, gardens, and soil—creating healthy soil and releasing vital nutrients for plants. Not only does All Seasons Bokashi kickstart the composting process, but it also creates less CO2 and retains more food waste nutrients—which means higher-quality organic compost for your garden soil, lawn, and plants.
All Seasons Bokashi can also be used in your outdoor compost bin or pile or anywhere around the house to naturally reduce odors. You can even use it on kitty litter, to help breakdown dog poop in the yard, in diaper pails, in composting toilets, and more—naturally.
KID & PET FRIENDLY, SIMPLE TO USE – SCD Probiotics All Seasons Bokashi is a premium, double-fermented dried bran bokashi packaged in a stand-up resealable bag that makes it easy to store and use. Simply sprinkle a layer of All Seasons Bokashi as you add food waste to a kitchen compost bin or your Bokashi composting system after meals or snacks. Sprinkle wherever needed to reduce odors, without chemicals. Proudly Made in Kansas City, USA.